Temporary Suspension of Scallop Fishing in Parts of North Sea

Macduff welcomes the swift actions of UK Fisheries Authorities in closing the scallop fishery in the Dogger Bank. The temporary closure was in response to scallop industry proposals to protect the sustainability of the newly discovered fishery. The industry had already agreed to a voluntary 2 week closure of the fishery to allow scallop to spawn.

In response to requests from the Scallop Industry Consultation Group (SICG) and other industry members, Fishing Authorities have established a regulated 4 week closure between 13 July and 9 August. The SICG applauds the speed of Fishing Authorities in responding to the industry’s proposals for sustainability measures to be applied; and acknowledge the positive actions of its members in protecting of the stock.

Link to the official announcement on gov.uk .


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