Macduff King Scallops featured in Fish in School Heroes programme

Simply Scallops introduces thousands of students to this British seafood delicacy. ‘Simply Scallops’ is a new initiative enabling 5000 students in 50 schools across the country to cook and taste freshly cooked dishes made with British scallops. It has been organised by the Food Teacher’s Centre Fish In Schools Hero programme, which aims to ensure that every child gets a chance to prepare, cook and eat fish before they leave school, and trains food teachers to be confident in preparing and cooking fish with students.

Scallops are an excellent food source for students to discover and learn about, as they are low in sodium and saturated fats and are more than 80% protein. Students will have the opportunity to try dishes such as tempura scallops, pan-seared scallops with butter and black pepper, preparing them poached in a bechamel sauce, or oven baked with herbs.

Macduff King Scallops were distributed to 50 secondary schools, with approximately 3,000 pupils in early June 2022. 

John Ashmore, Marketing Director Europe, Middle East and Africa at Clearwater Seafoods LP said:

“We are delighted to support the Fish in School Heroes programme by supplying our scallops for thousands of school children to try. It is so important for children to have access to foods they may not otherwise try and be the next generation of seafood enthusiasts. Scallops are so quick and simple to cook, delicious to eat, as well as being healthy and nutritious.”

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30/06/2022 - Macduff King Scallops, Fish in Schools programme, Food Teacher's Centre, Simply Scallops

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