Corporate Social Responsibility

As a vertically integrated company, Macduff operates its own fleet of scallop vessels and works closely with partner vessels throughout the supply chain. This begins with exercising responsible harvesting practices and supporting the downstream supply chain through ongoing local investments and strategic partnerships. We’ve developed longstanding personal relationships with supply vessels and work directly with partners who share our sustainability values.

Macduff has exceedingly high health and safety standards onboard our vessels. Macduff utilises the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations’ voluntary vessel safety folder as a safety system to facilitate and monitor compliance with health and safety standards across its fleet. The International Labour Organisation Convention No. 188 (ILO 188) will be implemented in the UK in 2018, setting a minimum standard for all UK vessels to comply with in terms of crew safety and welfare.

Macduff is a member of the Fishermen’s Welfare Alliance, a forum set up collectively with representatives from across the supply chain to facilitate compliance with all relevant legislation related to labour, human rights, health, safety and welfare.


Macduff Shellfish (Scotland) Limited 2023 - Modern Slavery Statement