Healthy Oceans


Macduff is directly involved with the science and management processes that are critical to sustainable fishing. We continue to make investments to ensure that we are doing the right thing by the environment, which includes investing in government and academic partnerships, vessel surveys, biological sampling and data sharing.

Fisheries management and science

As a leading shellfish company, it is our responsibility to understand differences in the health of various fish stocks and the strength of fisheries management systems in the areas we harvest and procure raw material from. As such, Macduff works closely with policy makers and fisheries managers, engages with pan-UK shellfish stakeholder forums and continues to invest in multi-stakeholder sustainability initiatives.

Fishery management plans

Macduff is a major player in the development of shellfish FMPs (Fisheries Management Plans) which are required under the UK Fisheries Act (2022) for all commercial species.  Macduff takes a leading role in the development of the UK King Scallop and Crab and Lobster FMPs and will also participate in the forthcoming Whelk FMP.

Fisheries improvement projects

Macduff is an industry partner in MSC Project UK Fisheries Improvements (PUKFI), contributing funds and actively participating on the PUKFI Advisory Board and Steering Committees for scallops, crab and langoustines (Nephrops).  Macduff collaborates with fishing industry partners, supply chain representatives, retailers, managers and other relevant stakeholders active in these fisheries. Our common interest is to develop and promote sustainable commercial fisheries by implementing an action plan that will see these fisheries improve to the point where they meet high levels of environmental performance, ultimately achieving Marine Stewardship Certification where possible.   

Through the development of FMPs and Fisheries Improvement Projects, Macduff’s programme of investment in shellfish research and scientific surveys is helping to close the knowledge gap on shellfish stocks and the impacts of fishing on the marine environment.  This information is critical to the sustainable use of our seas and its resources.